A Brief Break

19 Dec

For Antonina HQ is preparing a big move from the land of palm trees and sunshine.  And in a flurry of activity and a frenzy of packing, I tucked T’s cookbook away for hauling halfway across the country.  So I don’t have access to her recipes for a short while, silly me.

Pink Sky

In the meantime, enjoy this bon voyage shot I snapped of spectacular Southern California in full-on glorious mode.  And indulge me while I write about something other than food today.

I don’t pretend to know a lot about a lot of things, but I do know this: take a minute every single night, before you fall asleep, to reflect and give thanks for the simple pleasures that you have in this life; for the experiences that you’ve enjoyed, the friends that you’ve made and the people that support you.  Take a few calculated risks every once in a while and try something that scares you if it will improve your surroundings, energy and outlook.

And have a safe, happy, fun and food-filled holiday season.  Now THAT’S a recipe for success!  Mangia!

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